Dr. Andrew Kay

I am Dr. Andrew Kay, a certified specialist in Periodontology. Since 2002, my practice philosophy and goal is to deliver excellent, accessible and affordable evidence-based dental treatment and patient care. We treat our patients like family, and strive to provide a comforting, caring and stress-free environment.

My background includes three years of full-time post-graduate training at the University of Toronto plus a rigorous fellowship examination prior to receiving my fellowship from the Royal College of Dentists of Canada. As a specialist in Periodontics, I successfully completed three years of post-dental school training in the placement of dental implants and treating diseases and conditions which affect the gums and supporting structures of teeth.

My commitment to providing the absolute best patient care means I stay actively involved in researching the latest advancements and best practices in periodontology, implants and bone biology.

I have done extensive research in the orthopedic and dental implant field. My work has been published in various dental and medical journals and I often speak at international conferences. I have also served on many committees with the CDA, ODA, Alpha Omega and the Dental Examining Board.

As your periodontist, I will proactively work in partnership with your dentist to provide optimal health for your gums and deliver a pleasing aesthetic result.

Our team

  • Susan

    Periodontic ReceptionistSusan, Receptionist

    I have been working in dental offices since 2004. I enjoy watching movies in my free time, eating, and traveling when I get the chance to.

    What I enjoy about my the job is connecting with people and helping them in some way to improve their oral health.  I hope that I can make a difference by making dental treatment more comfortable and pleasant for patients and create an environment where patients feel that they can trust their health to our care.

  • Elvira

    Elvira, Receptionist

    I have worked in dental offices for many years, either part-time or full-time while obtaining my undergraduate degree from the University of Toronto, and my graduate degree from the University of Ottawa.  Throughout my educational career and now years later, something has always brought me back to the dental office.

    I enjoy the daily interactions with patients – getting to know each person and learning a little bit about their life each time they enter our office.  It is also my pleasure to ensure patients receive the best possible care our clinic can offer by providing them with necessary information prior to their dental visits as well as ensuring effective aftercare.

    I have a passion for the outdoors and in my spare time I enjoy an active lifestyle which includes practising and teaching yoga, as well as swimming and hiking when the weather permits. I also enjoy reading and learning, taking walks with my dog, as well as travelling when I am able to.

  • Jay

    Dental Hygienist

    Jay, Dental Hygienist

    I’ve been privileged to work with Dr. Kay since August 2006. I trained in Dental Hygiene and Restorative Dental Hygiene at George Brown College, and have worked in the field since 1998.  What I enjoy most about what I do is earning my patient’s trust, and educating and equipping them to better manage their oral health. I also appreciate working with a great dental team. In my spare time I enjoy the company of family and friends, travel, outdoor activities, and food!

  • Deborah

    Deborah, Dental Hygienist

    Deborah Humphrey has worked at Yonge Eglinton Periodontics as a dental hygienist since 2004. Deborah has worked in the dental profession for almost 20 years. She spends most of her time working in education. Presently, Deborah holds positions at Durham College, George Brown College and the University of Toronto as a part-time professor and clinical instructor. Deborah recently completed the Adult Teaching Certificate Program.

  • Anna

    Dental HygienistAnna, Dental Hygienist

    After graduating from Dental Hygiene program at George Brown College over 15 years ago,  I continued to expand my work experience while working at periodontal clinic in Toronto and general practices in the GTA.

    Following several years of professional experience,  I joined the U of T faculty staff sharing my knowledge with the students as a clinical instructor in the Dentistry Program. I joined Dr. Kay’s team seven years ago and continue to share the enthusiasm in providing an excellent care for our patients.

    I enjoy helping patients in achieving optimal oral health and educating them about the continuously evolving dental treatments available. Being a tennis mom, I spend my free time with my family promoting an active and healthy lifestyle filled with sports, outdoor activities and well balanced nutrition.

  • Eluna

    Eluna, Dental Assistant

    I have been working with Dr. Kay for the last 2 years. I graduated in 1992 from Career Canada College as a Dental Assistant then attained my Level II status in 2010 from George Brown College.

    After I was granted my immigrant status, I pursued Dental Assisting – my first career choice. I have now been working as a dental assistant for over 20 years. After all this time I still enjoy learning about new treatment techniques and procedures.

    Every summer, my family does lots of exploring. We drive to the countryside and find the most quiet place to enjoy the day for fishing, barbecuing, swimming, etc.

  • Carmen

    Dental Assistant

    Carmen, Dental Assistant

    I’ve been a certified dental assistant for 22 years. I did my training at Seneca College and my level II training at Career Canada College in 1998. I’ve worked at an Endodontic practice for 17 years and have been working with Dr. Kay for the past five years.

    I really enjoy working in a specialty practice because I get to see and work on specific and unique cases. Its great seeing the difference the treatments make to people both mentally and physically.

    In my spare time I enjoy playing softball, rock climbing, and running after my twin daughters Katie and Kylie.